I Bourbon

“It’s Yours.”®

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It’s Yours®

Distilled in Tennessee, I Bourbon is Straight Bourbon Whiskey bottled with care in Bardstown, Kentucky.
It is 43% alcohol by volume (86 Proof).

A Bourbon
for everyone

The mission of I Bourbon is “A Bourbon for Everyone”: a Bourbon so special – yet so accessible – that it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.

Ready For A Taste?

I Bourbon is full of flavor. It has a rich aroma of fruit, cashew, and florals. The flavor is layered with butterscotch and vanilla, delivered in a dense – but smooth – body.

Our Company

Triple I LLC is the company behind I Bourbon. Triple I’s eventual goal is to have a line of “I Spirits,” all with the same iconic bottle shape and design. All of these products will approach the market from the same perspective: a spirit so special that an expert palate will love it, but also a spirit approachable enough for newer or more casual audiences to try and appreciate. 

Put another way: The goal is to provide the highest quality product, made with the greatest attention to detail, while still remaining an approachable and exciting option for those looking to broaden their spirits journey.

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