When I stopped everything and started my spirits business over 2 years ago now I knew I had to create a distinctive, unique, extraordinary bottle. Without millions to spend on advertising, I drew on my own experience with spirits and realized people will give something a try if for no other reason than the bottle is compelling. Obviously, you need great “juice” for people to keep coming back, but I knew I would have great juice; that was a given. I needed to create something that would cause people to stop in the aisle and take a look at my Bourbon.


Time Spent on I Bourbon’s Bottle

I spent over 7 months on it (and, a lot of money) to execute my vision. I am proud to say, my bottle is one of the rare bottle designs which has been approved for full, trademarked protection. My vision is so unique that I am now protected by the US Government, the European Union, and Canada is working on it (for reasons unknown to even my attorneys, Canada is always a year-plus behind on patents/trademarks).


I will be picking out a suitable frame for this to go in my office…
I have also trademarked “I Bourbon” and “It’s Yours,” etc. but the bottle is the real money-maker.