Hello, all.
I’m working on paying better attention to my “blog” section here. I apologize it has been so long. I flatter myself to think there are many of you who have been waiting to hear an update. So… LET’S BOOGIE!
My venerable web designer, Kevin, whose business — believe me, I’ve taught him this Marketing 101 lesson! — should be at the forefront of liquor producer website design and better-named to reflect that, included me (without my knowledge) in a Bourbon tasting among his “casual aficionado” friends.
What was the result? Well, I came in second. What was I Bourbon’s competition, you may ask (hell, I did!)?
This was the lineup against which I Bourbon was competing: 
Angels Envy
Whiskey Row Honey Hole Selection
Whiskey Row
Eagle Rare (10 Year)
Horse Soldier
Who won? Eagle Rare (10 Year). Now, some new producers might be miffed at this result. Me? Hell, I am delighted… and I am resisting the urge to be cocky. Readers: Eagle Rare is an iconic piece of craftsmanship; it is broadly considered the Gold Standard for “universal Bourbons” (my category). I’m more than willing to come in behind the ICON.
True story, for all of you, after all of this:
I was delighted by this result in Kevin’s anecdotal, personal tasting. However, I wanted to give my biggest cheerleaders — my family — a chance to try Eagle Rare and I Bourbon — side-by-side — in a blind taste. 
It was hilarious; Mom and Dad didn’t know at all which glass was mine, but they tried to be helpful. Stunningly, they *insisted* that they knew which glass was their favorite, and they seemed very nervous about revealing it to me. I kept a strict poker face, and I said, “Oh, ok, you preferred #1 over #2? Ok.” They each said — it was amazing how emphatic they were! — “it really wasn’t close, Tripp!”
Both of my parents (who have been wonderful, silent supporters of my business throughout this process) were so pleased that their taste buds had picked me, but they each fretted I was on the losing end. They were STUNNED that I — I, the small, new producer — was so clearly a winner for them over an icon like Eagle Rare.
If you’re still waiting to try this “Bourbon for Everyone,” please remember, “It’s Yours,” and BUY BUY BUY. I can’t tell you how satisfied I am to tell people that I keep winning. I have this correct.
Try my product.